3D Visualization

  • Construct unique views to analyze specific qualities of the reservoir
  • Save and access views for presentations
  • Model views update in real-time
  • Share views with team using website reporting


  • 3D Krigging geomodeling engine
  • Quick and simple data initialization
  • Creates structures, isopach and property models (Gamma, Porosity etc)
  • User defined resolution in x, y and z direction


  • Hydrocarbon Pore Volume Model generator
  • Original Hydrocarbon in Place calculator
  • Net Pay mapping
  • Volumetric summation mapping (Phi*h, K*h)
  • Average Property calculator

Additional Features

Below are some additional geomodeling features of our geosteering software.

Network-Based System

  • Database enables all users to access information with custom permission settings
  • Can also be installed on a stand-alone computer
  • Database can be hosted by United

Well Planning

  • Design well paths based on 3D structure and property models
  • Export plans for driller’s to build upon

Net Pay Calculator

  • Create net pay maps based on 3D model

Trace Digitizer

  • Digitize raster images to directly import into model
  • Export LAS files from digitized rasters

Quality Control & Statistics Tools

  • Analyze regional and trace statistics for the model
  • Correlate structure top details

Trace Imaging

  • Azimuthal Wellbore imaging of actual and synthetic Gamma, Resistivity, etc.
  • Calculated traces from while-drilling data

Mapping & Basemap

  • Importing of structures from other software packages
  • Seismic interpretation importer
  • Modeling of fault interpretations
  • Geo-referencing of base maps and structure images